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Hampshire, Illinois
Northern Builders

The Bryant Midwest Experience

Bryant Midwest has earned a reputation for delivering large-scale industrial projects on budget and ahead of schedule. Our experienced team members are flexible and dependable, whether you’re developing a new facility or expanding an existing one.

Commitment to Quality

The size, diversity and complexity of our projects are challenges that we welcome and thrive on. We have an established team of project managers with experience in the field that creates a significant foundation for their managerial skills. Our foremen, operators and laborers are thoroughly trained and qualified, completing their work in an efficient and economical manner. We take the time to assess the overall jobsite and total scope of work before any dirt is moved. We keep a keen eye on the finished grade tolerance, compaction requirements and soil conditions.

Latest Technology

The latest technology on our equipment gives us the machine features and grade control systems we need to complete your job quickly and efficiently. Our equipment includes GPS and laser control systems. At Bryant Midwest, we understand the importance of keeping up with industry advances and continue to update and improve our equipment regularly.

Quality Grade

Our operators are among the most experienced and skilled in the industry, as they not only understand grading but also how to handle the material. Whether it’s placement, processing, material moisture or slope, Bryant Midwest has the knowledge to complete the project the right way.


We pride ourselves on our respectable safety program, continually educating employees with MSHA, OSHA, CPR and first aid and forklift training. We believe health and safety must be considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency.